About me…

In brief

Senior Interim Manager

I have frequently worked as an interim manager for a wide range of companies, including Visma, GBLT, Sanquin, Council of the Judiciary, Hunkemöller, and various financial organizations. Complex organizations with large data processing processes are having no secrets for me. I commonly work in environments where privacy and reliability are of paramount importance due to the nature of the data that is processed / used.

I have an excellent view on processes, especially where they interface between ICT and business, eg. the Incident and Problem Management processes. I analyze and dissect these processes thoroughly and quickly and come up with supported solutions and / or implementations by having an eye for everyone involved. A process only works and lands when it fits in the organization!

I actively contribute to service management knowledge development and have an extensive network for all in-depth service management questions. For example, I developed a model in which the IT Management, which is nowadays increasingly being managed in an Agile manner, connects to the ITIL environment, which is still often used by Service Support. These contributions result in publications for the itSMF in, for example, the Best Practice Magazine.

From my background in sports, I know how to make optimal use of the knowledge and skills within a team, so that she becomes successful. I am straightforward, pragmatic where possible, decisive and sometimes surprising, but also straightforward where desirable. I am critical and sharp in my analyzes and strive for results with an eye for the other and always looking for support and team bonding.

I am, cordially, socially strong, able to quickly get a solid network around me at every level of the organization. I like working with others but I am also independent and self-starting. Thanks to my years of experience within various service-oriented organizations, I know business and IT like no other, know how to build bridges between them and understand the wishes and requirements of both. It is precisely on these interfaces that I come into my own. I live in the center of the country (Apeldoorn), therefore conveniently located with excellent (public transport) travel times to all corners of the country.