My Publications

Publication – 2021 – Online (English)
Where Incident Management is often a process off High Importance, Problem Management is often neglected. When they put these two together (with one manager) the Problem Management Trap opens up……


Publication – 2021 – Online (English)
ITIL is changed over the years, it becomes more and more complex. But the magic Triangle stays intact. What makes Incident-, Problem- and Changemanagement magic? How do they work together…..


Publication – 2020 – Online (Dutch)
The second part on Agitile, where I zoom in on how it works in detail.



Publication – 2020 – Online (Dutch)
The second movie try-out. This time, in Dutch, about my thoughts how to combine Agile and ITIL in your organisation.


Publication – 2020 – Online
This a movie about my thoughts on the role of the Service Manager. I posted this on LinkedIn and is the first version o a try-out to share my ideas on common topics.



Publication – 2010 – Article “The Matter” – for ITSMF (dutch)
The matter was a returning blog for ITSMF where questions/problems were presented to professionals. In this issue it was about Cloud Computing


Publication – 2009- Article “Servicedesk” for ITSMF (dutch)
I wrote an article on the Image of the Servicedesk and my view on the is topic.


Publication – 2009 – Computable (dutch)
An article about how we value our Servicedesk-employees. they quote my reply on the online forum on this topic and it forms the base for this article.